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Plumbing Fixture Installations In Hebron, CT

plumbing fixture installations hebron ctHard water can be brutal on your plumbing fixtures. The minerals will corrode and eat away at the metals of your faucets, shower heads, and toilet parts. A shiny chrome finish will flake away and turn green. NOT the look our Hebron CT homeowner was going for! Even worse, a faucet can start to drip and a toilet can begin to leak. She knew she could count on us here at Rapid Service LLC to take care of leaky plumbing fixtures. We replaced the faucet and the sink in the bathroom. Her old toilet had been leaking underneath the tile floor for quite some time. Because Rapid Service is a plumber, electrician, heating specialist, AND carpenter, she didn't need to call anyone else. One call to us had her covered! The toilet flange was repaired properly, a new floor was installed, as well as the new toilet. We removed all of the trash and left her home without a trace. A few plumbing upgrades gave the bathroom a much needed update.

Hard water should be treated in order to protect your plumbing and your health. Our plumber technicians can take a water sample, test it, and provide the water treatment system that will address your specific water issues. Other signs of hard water include: pinhole leaks on your pipes, your water heater failing before it should, dry skin and hair after you shower, and film on your dishes. Call your local Hebron CT plumber to schedule plumbing service today! 860-228-1036

  • Location: Hebron, CT
  • Type: Plumbing Fixture Installations
  • Brands Used: Kohler, Delta Faucet

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