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Running Toilet Plumbing Repair in Willimantic CT

toilet repair Willimantic CTA Willimantic CT homeowner was distraught because he received a ridiculously high water bill. He gave us a call because he knew he had a leak somewhere but wasn't sure how to find it. A Rapid Service plumber quickly found the culprit - a running toilet. The toilet was about 30 years old. To repair it would cost almost as much as to replace it. Old plumbing parts are either hard to find or obsolete. The best use of his money was to have the toilet replaced. The homeowner also mentioned that he would notice a 'sewer smell' once in awhile.

When the toilet was removed, the plumbing technician was able to take a look at the toilet flange. A flange is what holds your toilet to the floor. The flange had not been installed correctly and the wax gasket was rotted. Because of those two things, sewer gas and bacteria was seeping through and causing the foul smell. The flange was replaced correctly with a new one, then the new water-saver toilet was installed. All of the old material and toilet was removed and disposed of, so the homeowner didn't have to worry about any of that. A new toilet installed by a professional, licensed local plumber hit two birds with one stone - no more sewer smell and the return to a normal water bill.

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