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Septic Line Repair in Storrs CT

Septic Line Repair in Storrs CTA Storrs CT homeowner called us because the drains were running slowly in his home. The final straw was the washing machine overflowing. A Rapid Service plumbing technician was dispatched the same day as his call. After doing some involved troubleshooting, the plumber found the source of the problem. The septic system line was impacted. This means that the drain line that was supposed to carry the waste from the home, and out to the septic tank, was full of sludge. Nothing was moving along, and nothing could drain. The result was the washing machine overflowing. The plumber put together some options and pricing for the septic line replacement, as well as repair the wiring to the septic pump system. The office coordinated another appointment for the extensive repair, so there would be as little disruption to the homeowner's schedule as possible. Rapid Service excavated the line, removed the bad piping, and replaced with new piping in the correct direction. When the old line was exposed, it was also discovered that it wasn't installed correctly. That also didn't help the drainage issue. The electrical wiring to the septic pump was also upgraded at this time. At the end of the job, the trenches were filled in. The area was filled in with topsoil and raked out, ready for seeding. The Rapid Service plumbing technicians always make sure to keep a neat work area and clean up after the job is complete.

  • Service: Septic Line Repair
  • Location: Storrs, CT

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