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Water Filtration Treatment Systems In Columbia, CT

water filtration treatment systems columbia ctRapid Service LLC is your local Columbia CT water treatment specialist. If you've had a lot of pinhole leaks repaired, that's a sign that you need your water treated. Other signs that you should have your water tests are: premature water heater or boiler leaks and failures, dry skin and hair, film or coating on your dishes, rotten egg or chlorine smell, sand or sediment and/or concerns about bacteria. These can indicate different issues in your water. Your water may be too acidic, hard, or contaminated. Your home's plumbing is being damaged and your health might be in danger as well.

A technician will take a water sample and have it analyzed. Based on the results and his expertise, a water treatment system will be recommended. Your options may include a filtration, softener, conditioner or UV system. Each of these systems treat different symptoms that are wrecking your home’s faucets and appliances. A treatment system costs FAR less than replacing your appliances or re-piping your home. Most don’t require much maintenance either. Please give our Columbia CT office a call to schedule your water sample test today: 860-228-1036.

  • Location: Columbia, CT
  • Type: Water Filtration Treatment Systems

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If you are looking for quality water filtration treatment systems in Columbia, then please call 860-228-1036 or complete our online request form.