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Well Pump Conversion in Storrs CT

Well Pump Conversion in Storrs CTMany of the homes in Storrs CT have a jet pump for the well system. This type of pump is outdated and inefficient. A jet pump is found in a basement or crawlspace of a home. It can also be found in a pump house on the property. Jet pumps are used in shallow wells. If water is within 25 feet of the ground's surface, it's considered a "shallow well." There are two types of jet pumps: single-pipe and two-pipe. Both types suck the water out of the well to the pump, so water can be delivered to your home. The water pressure is usually low and the pump can be loud. A well system upgrade to a submersible well pump should be considered. We did a well pump conversion for a Storrs CT homeowner. Now the pump is located inside a drilled well. A well can range from 60-400 feet deep. This means that the water source is lower than the home. A submersible well pump uses its existing pressure to force water out of the surface to provide water for your home. It's self-primed which saves you time. We raised the well casing, did all the excavation, installed the pump, and filled everything back in, also including topsoil to return the yard back to normal. We completed the job in one day.

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