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Well Pump Replacement in Bolton, CT

well pump replacement in bolton ctMany Bolton CT homes have a well system. When a homeowner calls us in a panic because there's no water, a dead well pump is usually to blame. There had been a storm the day before and a possible lightning strike. A well pump that's been struck by lightning may not be affected until several days later. The Bolton homeowner has a submersible well system. That means that the well pump is located several hundred feet below ground. There are several troubleshooting steps a plumber technician will take before pulling the pump. In this case, the pump had to be pulled. We have special equipment to both dig out the well AND pull the pump safely. It was determined that the lightning had damaged the pump and it needed to be replaced. You can also see the effects of harsh water quality on plumbing equipment. This pump has a ton of iron on it. Our plumbing team was able to install a new Goulds well pump, along with replacing the well pipe and wire. Our B olton CT customer called in the problem on a Saturday night, and our team was out first thing Sunday morning. By Sunday afternoon, the installations were complete and everything was cleaned up. In the days that followed, our office staff helped the customer provide information to his insurance company for a claim. He got all this done with just one call to Rapid Service LLC!

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