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Surge Protection

surge protection

Electrical surges are sudden spikes in the electrical current that travels throughout your home's electrical system. These can occur at anytime and usually with no warning. This is why you should consider surge protection for your home.

Did you know that some power surges can actually come from within your own home? For example, turning on your vacuum cleaner or hair dryer can create an electrical surge throughout your home. Other power surges originate from outside the home, resulting from electric utility switching, downed power lines or lightning strikes. An electrical surge can even enter your Connecticut home through your cables and telephone wiring!

Luckily, we can help you protect your home against power surges by installing surge protection and home surge protectors. We offer quality surge protectors that are designed to block high voltage electricity from passing through the lines into your home. For more information, contact our licensed electrician today.

Our Surge Protection Service Includes:

  • Surge Protection
  • Power Surge Protector
  • Home Surge Protection
  • Power Surge Protection
  • House Surge Protection
  • Lightning Protection
  • Home Surge Protector
  • Whole House Surge Protectors
  • Electrical Surge Protection
  • Surge Protection Devices
  • Whole House Surge Protection
  • Surge Protector

We Provide Surge Protection to the Following Towns in Connecticut

Manchester, CT | Vernon, CT | East Hartford, CT | Tolland, CT | Bolton, CT | East Hampton, CT | Willimantic, CT | Marlborough, CT | Colchester, CT | Andover, CT | Canterbury, CT | Chaplin, CT | Columbia, CT | Coventry, CT | Ellington, CT | Franklin, CT | Glastonbury, CT | Hampton, CT | Lebanon, CT | Hebron, CT

North Windham, CT | Rockville, CT | Scotland, CT | South Windham, CT | South Windsor, CT | Stafford, CT | Stafford Springs, CT | Storrs, CT | Willington, CT | Windham, CT


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If you are looking for professional Surge Protection then please call 860-228-1036 or complete our online request form.