How To Improve Your Water Quality

Hard water and poor water quality

Water quality is a concern in many Eastern CT towns. Water can be considered “hard” and it may also have contaminants that can affect your health. Water quality can be affected in both municipal systems and private wells.

It’s called “hard” because it contains excess minerals. Even though most municipal water supplies may be treated for contaminants, they do not always prevent hard water. Hard water causes many problems from discolored sinks to dull dishes to shortening the life of your appliances.

Municipal water treatment also may not prevent all the contaminants that concern you. In particular, your water can be affected in its journey through the plumbing system to your home or if there are conditions nearby, like farm run-off. There may be bacteria that isn’t treated by the municipal water treatment. This creates poor water quality.


Signs you have hard water

  • Is your glassware dull or does it have water spots?
  • Is there soap scum in the sinks and bath tub?
  • Is there a bad smell from the water?
  • Is there a cloudy, white or greenish film on your faucet, counter tops or icemaker tap?

A water softener water treatment system can make your entire household cleaner. From your laundry to your dishes, and even improve your complexion. A water softener also lengthens the life of your appliances. It can will pay for itself in savings.

Signs you have poor water quality

  • Have you noticed any suspicious smells in your tap water?
  • Does it ever taste bad?
  • Does it look suspicious – discolored, cloudy, rusty?
  • Is your porcelain or cookware getting discolored?

These are signs that you should have your water quality tested. Our test will show what, if any, contaminants are in your water and if it meets EPA standards. Many common toxins are colorless and tasteless. A UV water treatment system is an option to correct poor water quality.

Schedule a water quality test

Whether you’re connected to a public water supply, or you have a private well system, the only way to know your home’s water quality is through thorough testing. We’re providing a water testing offer so you can learn about the quality of your water. The test will show if you have hard water and/or if there are any contaminates to be concerned about. Please schedule your water quality test by calling 860-228-1036.