One Cause of Well Pump Failure: Lightning

A well pump is the workhorse of your home. It works quietly, day in and day out, providing water to your home. Until one day, it doesn’t.

But…my well pump is only 10 years old!

But…it’s worked fine for the last 20 years, why NOW?!

But…we haven’t changed our water consumption recently.

But…our water quality is great and we’ve never had an issue before!

Under the best conditions, your well pump doesn’t need much maintenance. There is one cause of well pump failure that you can’t control.

One cause of well pump failure

Summertime brings high temperatures and high humidity to Eastern Connecticut. Those two elements combine, resulting in the infamous pop-up thunder and lightning storms. The storms can be mild, passing quickly without much ta-doo. On the other hand, these summer storms can be powerful, bringing hail and dangerous cloud-to-ground lightning. One way that you can protect your home is by installing whole house surge protection. This will protect the electronics in your home and is much less expensive than having to replace all your computers, appliances and TVs.

However, there is nothing that can prevent or suppress a direct lightning hit. If your well pump suffers a direct hit, either the pump itself will fail, or any of its related components. The pump may not fail immediately. We often receive phone calls a few days after a lightning strike.

Signs of well pump failure

A gradual decrease in water pressure, a low pressure reading on your well tank or a ‘clicking’ noise are all signs that your well pump is failing. Of course, no water coming out of any of your faucets is a sign that the well pump has failed completely.

Call a local, professional plumber to schedule an emergency repair. The well pump may need to be pulled up in order to properly diagnose the issue. The well pipe and wire may also need to be replaced. If you have your well depth and the static reading, that will be helpful information for your plumber. You can request a “well driller’s report” from your town’s building department.


Local emergency well pump repair

Rapid Service LLC is your local Eastern Connecticut emergency well pump repair specialist. Once your call it handled by our office staff, it’s immediately elevated as an emergency call. A plumber technician will arrive at your home to complete a prompt diagnosis. Your well pump repair or replacement will be completed within 24 hours. We are a Goulds Water Technology Professional GDPA Member. We can be reached 24/7 by calling 860-228-1036. You will never reach an answering machine!

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