Pro Plumber Advice: Well Pump Troubleshooting

Well pump failure can be caused by a few things. When a customer calls because he doesn’t have any water, the first thing our office staff will recommend is checking the breaker. Sometimes, it’s as easy as that. Read on for more tips from your local Bolton CT plumber.

Well pump troubleshooting

submersible-well-pump-replacement-bolton-ct-plumbing-emergency-plumberMost well systems in Bolton CT have a submersible well pump. This means that the well pump itself is located near the bottom of a deep well on your property. It’s held in place by pipe and wire. All of the equipment is extremely heavy, especially once it’s covered in mineral deposits from the water. The picture to the left shows a well pump covered in iron deposits. The depth and weight of the equipment can make it challenging to troubleshoot the issue. In most cases, the well pump will need to be pulled up several hundred feet. The well wire, pipe, and pump need to be checked for any issues. If a pump was hit by lightning, it might not die for a few days AFTER a storm.

Local well pump specialist

A local, licensed professional plumber will have all of the equipment necessary to troubleshoot your well pump. Some people attempt to pull up the well pump themselves to cut down on costs. Trust us, we understand wanting to save money!! However, pulling it yourself can lead to back injuries, which can lead to time out of work, so doing it yourself actually costs MORE money! Other times, a well pump can be accidentally dropped back into the well and break or lost. So, even though the pump WAS good, it now has to be replaced to the tune of a thousand dollars or more!

No matter the situation, a plumber will have to be called in the end. Save yourself the stress, backache and money – start with a professional. It really is the most cost-effective choice when you’re on a budget. Here at Rapid Service, each plumber is experienced and trained on all of our well pump equipment. This is what we use to safely pull up your well pump for troubleshooting:


Your Bolton CT emergency plumber

Rapid Service LLC only uses the best quality materials and equipment for well pump replacements. We are the area’s 24/7 emergency plumber and work quickly to get your home water again. We have over 30 years of experience and each plumber is required to complete training each year. When you choose our plumbing service, your money goes a long way. Your call will always be handled by a friendly staff member, never a voicemail. A technician will be promptly dispatched to your home and the work will be done the same day to minimize disruption to your routine. [Who has time for a plumbing emergency??!!] You will receive a professional repair. This means that both the workmanship and material will last for years and years. Your home and property will be left cleaner than we arrived. Choosing Rapid Service as your local emergency plumber is not only an investment in your home, but in a relationship with a team who’ll be there for any other future plumbing need!